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From the start, we have taken extra care to operate in an environment-friendly way and in line with the values we base ourselves upon when choosing our products, i.e. sustainability, partnership, innovation, and efficiency.

With regard to the building sector, which involves the construction of houses, residential buildings, factories, bridges or roads, and implies the use of cranes, concrete mixers, asphalt machines, and the like, our aim is to ensure that these machines remain in good working order at all times. This means a.o. that any trace of earth, cement or asphalt which might prevent a machine from working properly must always be removed during cleaning operations.

We are committed to supplying, together with a wide range of accessories, biodegradable synthetic and mineral products (such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, bearing oils, gear oils, lubricants, greases, pastes, sprays, detergents, antifreezes, and anti-corrosives) which can guarantee maximum safety, reliability and long intervals between lubrications.
Thanks to our service activity, which includes predictive diagnostics, filtration, fluid-management, consultancy, constant customer support as well as the drawing up maintenance schedules, we help you to optimize the productivity and profitability of your company whilst showing full respect for human beings and the environment.

We are holders of the ISO 14001 environment certificate as well as of the ISO 9001 quality certificate, both of which are essential in order to be allowed to operate in this sector.


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