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For the food-processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries we provide efficacious solutions to the requirements of a market that demands the ruling out of any toxicity or contamination risk. Under the label Food, we offer a range of certified services and products which are suitable for use in especially critical manufacturing conditions, with the prospect of an appropriate wastewater treatment.

In addition to our range of special accessories, we put at your disposal a series of biodegradable products (such as hydraulic oils, compressor oils, bearing oils, industrial gear oils, greases, pastes, detergents and antifreezes), made up of raw materials which have been carefully selected and controlled in compliance with the severe FDA 21 CFR H1 standards, section 178.3750, and which are NSF H1-certified. Even though such products are perfectly odourless, tasteless, colourless and non-toxic, they retain the technical, mechanical, and reliability properties of high-performance lubricants and they make it possible to reduce consumptions and to lengthen the lubrication/replacement intervals, which is all to the benefit of the environment and of the people. We are a trusted partner and an all-round maintenance consultant.

Thanks to our service activity which includes predictive diagnostics, filtration, lubrication schedules and fluid- management, we can monitor the operating conditions of the machinery and thus guarantee the optimization of the productivity and profitability of your company.

The range of services that we offer our customers also includes consultancy for warehousing optimization.
We are holders of the ISO 14001 environment certificate as well as of the ISO 9001 quality certificate, both of which are essential in order to be allowed to operate in this sector.


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