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We adhere to the following guidelines: to anticipate market requirements and demands and to give priority to partnerships with well-established producers in order to develop, in co-makership with them, products that can reconcile performances with reliability and respect for the environment.

That's why we have chosen to collaborate with Rhenus for the development of our special lubricant-coolants.

Wherever machining takes place – simply in order to make a simple hole or to manufacture such a modern and sophisticated object as the cylinder head of a Formula One engine – it is necessary to use lubricant-coolants.
Our products make it possible to cool and to lubricate any tool so as to extend its service life and to improve the result of the machining in complete safety and with the added bonus of saving money.
These products are the fruit of a careful examination of the specific needs of each customer and the result of studies and laboratory analyses as well as of a very long experience in the service department.

Rhenus' great innovative energy and dependability combine with our know-how to ensure a wide choice of targeted and very reliable products.