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We would like you to regard us not merely as a supplier of products, but rather as a trusted partner, i.e. as an all-round maintenance consultant.
Once a simple oil sample has been taken on your machines or tools, our R&S (Research and Development) laboratory is able to carry out analyses on the lubricants within as little time as possible. Moreover, through a system of predictive maintenance which involves monitoring the general condition of mechanical components, we manage to foresee the occurrence of problems due to wear and to the malfunctioning of the various elements.

The benefits of such an early and targeted planning of maintenance interventions are shorter machine downtimes, fewer emergencies, lower lubricant consumption, a lengthening of the service life of components and the increased availability of the installation, all of which translates into savings on indirect costs (such as interruptions and overtimes).

Moreover, the oil analyses show whether pollutants are to be found and how efficient filters are, which makes it possible to carry out prompt intervention for the protection of the environment and of people's health.
In order to allow you to carry out the sampling operations properly, we supply you with a practical sampling kit. Once we have received the material to be analyzed, we perform the filtration, the microscopical observation and the ferrographic analyses of the same.

We also put at your disposal a network of consultancies and customer support services. Well-prepared technicians are called to find concrete solutions to the various types of problems that may arise. This may take the form of most simple applications or of most complex fluid-management programmes, as part of which a customer contracts out to us the complete and efficient management of the whole lubrication activity on their premises.
For our staff and our customers, we organize training courses that help them acquire a better knowledge of lubricants and lubricating techniques in relation to the various market sectors.