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ANTARES 100 are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications where anti-wear lubricants are required. They are formulated with high quality base oils and a select additive system that results in products that provide many desirable features to improve and prolong equipment life. ANTARES 100 are designed to provide good performance in a range of hydraulic components used in systems subjected to moderate to severe operating conditions. Their high level oxidation and chemical stability helps control deposit formation and reduces the potential for sluggish system operation and valve sticking. They provide long oil/filter life and optimum equipment protection reducing both maintenance and product disposal costs. They provide good protection against rust and corrosion in high humidity operations or where low levels of moisture are unavoidable. Antares oils separate water readily and have good air release properties.


ANTARES 100 For systems employing gear, vane, radial and axial piston pumps where anti-wear hydraulic oils are recommended, hydraulic applications where contamination, leakage or small amounts of water are unavoidable and this water could damage components. Antares oil are suited for systems containing gears and bearings where mild anti-wear characteristics are required.


VICKERS V-104 C; FZG A/8.3/90 11. ; VDMA 24318



Can : 5Kg

Tin : 18kg

Drum : 50Kg

Barrel : 180Kg

Mineral Oil :

Classification : HLP 100

Viscosity DIN 51562 40°C : 100

Viscosity DIN 51562 100°C : 11,0

Viscosity index ISO 2909 : 106

Density 15°C DIN 51757 Kg/dm3 : 0,89

Pour point ISO 3016 ºC : -25

Rolling bearings :

Hydraulic system :