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We are an ever-evolving company that is integrated and attentive to its environment and to the feelings of all its interlocutors, and we put man at the centre of our attention.
It is precisely with these principles in mind that we prefer to choose lubricants that are free of heavy metals or chlorine and that we concentrate the development of our offer on a wide range of excellent biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive products with the aim of meeting the ever-increasing global-market demand for the safeguard of man and of the environment.

We take the same care in selecting only the most modern industrial equipment and, in order to ensure maximum safety at work, we see to it that the means of transport that we put at the disposal of our staff remain up to date. For the renovation of our buildings, we have opted for groundbreaking architectural solutions, we have used exclusively eco-friendly materials, and we have given priority to zero-environmental impact energy installations.
Finally, in order to ensure maximum comfort to everyone, we have designed offices with picture windows and we have chosen cutting-edge technology solutions for many of our facilities and installations.