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Our heavy-metal- or chlorine-free lubricants as well as our wide range of effective biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive products are custom-made inventions.
NILS' great success lies in its policy to give priority to personalization by its customers who are invited to take an active part in the selection of the products.

Just as a human body, every machine is different. What's more: the jobs a machine does, the conditions under which it operates and the speeds at which it works also change from one device to the other.
Oil in particular may be likened to human blood: not only can the latter provide much information on the state of health, it is also an essential component for a body to be able to function properly. It is because we believe firmly in this that we have never behaved as mere suppliers of goods, but have instead placed much emphasis on services, on customer support, and on the immediate availability of our products.

By introducing such processes as sampling, filtration, microscopic observation, ferrographic analyses, we have evolved from conventional to predictive oil maintenance. For our customers, this translates into benefits in terms of cost reductions, better performances (as has been the case for the motocross world championship team MX Honda Gariboldi Racing), and lower environmental impact.