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MOTO CLEANER Product specification sheetView details

MOTO CLEANER has been formulated respecting the efficacy demands, but only secondary to safety norms. MOTO CLEANER is diluted with water in the mandatory dose indicated on the packing.

MOTO CLEANER is biodegradable for more than 90%

Application Sprays Non-toxic

MOTO CLEANER is a perfect cleansing agent for all engine parts.

Product specification sheet
NYLSET BLU Product specification sheetView details

NYLSET BLU is extremely concentrated liquid detergent formulated for most advanced efficiency of cleaning and security of use even in the most difficult working conditions.
NYLSET BLU is therefore specific for use in extreme conditions where is not possible to obtain satisfactory results with other valid products.

Powerful formulation permits event to remove tar and asphalt film. If used in correct concentration this product absolutely does not damage painted parts, on the contrary this parts will be renewed.
NYLSET BLU have to be used with caution on light alloys, where is recommended to test first the product on parts which are not in sight.
NYLSET BLU is not flammable product and has to be always dilute in water following to recommended ratio. NYLSET BLU does not leave residuals on treated surfaces and is biodegradable over 90%.

Engines washing 1:10
Degreasing of steel structural works from 1:10 to 1:20
Floor washing from 1:20 to 1:30
Cars and motorbikes washing 1:100
Boats washing (gel-coat) 1:20
Boats washing (bilge) 1:4
Earthmoving machinery and fork lifts washing from 1:50 to 1:100
Paint renewing earthmoving equipment and forklifts from 1:4 to 1:3
Sludge degreasing in tanks from 1:10 to 1:7 (better with warm water)
Extremely dirty workshop floor renewing 1:10 (better with warm water)
To remove tires signs on the floor from 1:10 to 1:5

Application Sprays Non-toxic

NYLSET BLU can be used manually, with nebuliser (mist blower), with hydraulic jet cleaner, with brush washer, floor washing machines etc. In case of extremely dirty surfaces it is recommended to apply product and leave it to act for few minutes and therefore rinse out with water.

Product specification sheet
NYLSET T Product specification sheetView details

NYLSET T is formulated in accordance with new detergency concept that takes into account not only the highest efficiency level but also operator's health and safety.
Used in the recommended dilutions, NYLSET T is safe for any use and application, it does not damage varnished, lacquered and enamelled surfaces as well as plastic materials even the most delicate such as Plexiglas or polycarbonate. NYLSET T is safe for users and the accidental contact with the product does not cause particular irritant nor allergic reactions. NYLSET T is not flammable and is to be used always and in any situation diluted in water, it does not leave smears or residues and rinsing is not necessary. NYLSET T is compatible with water-based emulsions used in tooling machinery. NILSET T is low foam detergent and therefore is suitable for any industrial and maintenance application including food grade industry with respect of H.A.C.C.P. norms. NYLSET T is promptly bio-degradable over 90%.

Application Sprays Non-toxic

NYLSET T can be used manually or through a spray gun, in a hydro-cleaner or in floor washing machines.

Product specification sheet
SC BIO Product specification sheetView details

SC-BIO is mineral oil-free mould release fluid non miscible with water, formulated on biodegradable ester basis and strictly selected additives which provide easy and perfect application of the product, fast and easy removal and cleanness of final products and forms.

-easy form removal                                                                                                                    -strong anti-rust properties provide perfect form protection                                                      -no rust spots on concrete product                                                                                            -biodegradable product (EU Dir. 67/584/CEE)                                                                            -not suitable to be used on white concrete                                                                                -in accordance with UNI 8866 norm

Application Sprays Non-toxic

SC-BIO is suitable for concrete products (also oven dried), for pre stressed concrete and heavy prefabrication. This product is suitable for metal and plastic forms.

SC-BIO permits subsequent application of face-work materials and paints accordingly to prescriptions concerning these materials.

SC BIO can be applied by brush or spraying, important is that have to be applied uniformly. Typical dosage: 100 m²/l.

Product specification sheet
VISUAL Product specification sheetView details

VISUAL as antifreeze and window cleaning

Application Sprays Non-toxic

Visual meets the ÖNORM V 5124 requirements "Antifreeze and window cleaning liquid for road vehicles' windscreen washer systems".

Product specification sheet