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About us


Because we are a company that knows how to listen to the needs of an ever-changing market and that responds with flexibility and competence to the requirements of its customers.

Our team is made up of some 150 people who take advantage of the constant offer of refresher courses in order to hone their personal talents with a view to maintaining their skills at a very high level.

Today more than ever, NILS is a company which offers proximity to the customer, open-mindedness, and dynamism. Its key values are sustainability, culture, partnership, innovation, and efficiency. And it's precisely in the spirit of these values that we'd like you to regard us not merely as a supplier, but rather as a trusted partner, i.e. as an all-round maintenance consultant who is capable of suggesting personalized solutions for minimizing your total costs, of improving your production reliability, and of safeguarding the environment and people's health.