CF 130

CF 130 is a calcium sulfonate complex thickened lubricating grease based on mineral and synthetic oils. The grease contains antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors. CF 130 does not contain conventional EP-and AW-additives since they are built in as an integral part of the soap structure. The tickener and the semi-synthetic base oil blend make CF 130 suitable for heavily loaded bearings in medium speed applications, both at high and low temperatures, and wet and corrosive environments. The complex soap structure gives the product a high degree of mechanical stability, which enhances the performance in vibrating housings and prolongs relubrification intervals. CF 130 with its all-round properties and wide temperature range make it the primary choice for various types of highly loaded bearing applications operating under harsh conditions.

NLGI Class



calcium sulfonate complex


400g - LS - 1kg - 18kg - 50kg - 180kg

min temperature °C


max temperature °C


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