NYLSET BLU is an extremely concentrated liquid detergent formulated for the most advanced efficiency of cleaning and security of use even in the most difficult working conditions. NYLSET BLU is therefore specific for use in extreme conditions where is not possible to obtain satisfactory results with other valid products. Powerful formulation permits even to remove tar and asphalt film. If used in correct concentration this product absolutely does not damage painted parts, on the contrary, these parts will be renewed. NYLSET BLU has to be used with caution on light alloys, where is recommended to test first the product on parts that are not in sight. NYLSET BLU is not a flammable product and has to be always diluted in water following to recommended ratio. NYLSET BLU does not leave residuals on treated surfaces and is biodegradable over 90%.


MOTO CLEANER is formulated with a new concept of detergency that considers the safety of use as well as the effectiveness in excellent cleaning. MOTO CLEANER is a safe product in every situation of use, provided it is diluted as prescribed (see below). It is safe because it does not alter painted, lacquered, and glazed surfaces, light alloys, plastic materials, not even the most sensitive ones such as plexiglass or polycarbonate. MOTO CLEANER is also safe for operators who use it. Accidental contact of their body with the product does not cause any particular irritant or allergic reactions. It is safe because it is not flammable and leaves no traces or residues; no rinsing is required. MOTO CLEANER is biodegradable for over 90% and complies with the H.A.C.C.P. (food sector).


ELEFANT is a special chemical agent formulated with the purpose to remove effectively saccharine and sugar encrustations from machinery and production applications.


DETERGENTE 8171 is an environmentally friendly industrial part cleaner/degreaser based on special hydrocarbons free of aromatics.


DETERGENTE 8169 is an environmentally friendly industrial part cleaner/degreaser based on special hydrocarbons free of aromatics.


Boxer Plus is a liquid detergent formulated for high-performance cleaning and degreasing of gear parts, engine parts, tools, and many other similar mechanical parts. Boxer Plus can be used on any kind of metal or light alloy. This high-performance detergent contains no chlorinated solvents and caustics and for this reason does not affect plastics, Plexiglas, and painted parts and surfaces. Boxer Plus is formulated in order to provide maximum safety for the operator (low index of flammability and excellent tolerability for the end-user). Boxer Plus is particularly indicated for use in pneumatic washing tanks for fast and effective cleaning of engine parts, gear parts, mechanical parts of vehicles and machinery, tools, etc. Boxer Plus can be successfully used in printing works for removing ink from the inking rollers and rubber. Boxer Plus is effective for the removal of silicone, putty, and pencil marks. Boxer Plus does not contain chlorine, phosphorus, or ammonium compounds.


AIR FILTER CLEANER is a ready-to-use product suitable for cleaning all types of washable air filters (foam or other materials that require it). Thanks to its innovative formula, it is able to effectively remove dust, mud, sand (if the filter is very dirty, we suggest treating it first with our 100 DEGREASE), and previously applied oils or lubricants.


NYLSET T is formulated following a new detergency concept that takes into account not only the highest efficiency level but also the operator’s health and safety. Used in the recommended dilutions, NYLSET T is safe for any use and application, it does not damage varnished, lacquered, and enameled surfaces as well as plastic materials even the most delicate such as Plexiglas or polycarbonate. NYLSET T is safe for users and accidental contact with the product does not cause particular irritants nor allergic reactions. NYLSET T is not flammable and is to be used always and in any situation diluted in water, it does not leave smears or residues and rinsing is not necessary. NYLSET T is compatible with water-based emulsions used in tooling machinery. NYLSET T is a low foam detergent and therefore is suitable for any industrial and maintenance application including food-grade industry following H.A.C.C.P. norms. NYLSET T is promptly bio-degradable over 90%.