ATOIL T 7 85W/140 is a high-performance multi-grade EP gear oil suitable for a wide range of applications. As a multi-grade oil, it covers SAE 85, SAE 90, and 140 viscosity classes. Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior provides optimal low-temperature fluidity as well as ideal viscosity at normal working temperatures ensuring very strong and exceptionally stable lubricant film. ATOIL T 7 85W/140 provides silent and smooth running performance of gears and differentials even under extreme conditions and in severe load applications.


ATOIL SYNT is a synthetic PAO multi-grade gear and transmission fluid suitable for a wide range of applications. The perfect viscosity-temperature performance provides optimal fluidity at low temperatures and a particularly strong and resistant lubricating film at elevated working temperatures. Due to its characteristics, this product assures extraordinary noiselessness of gears and optimal protection of the application even if operating under heavy working conditions. ATOIL SYNT is formulated with high-performance synthetic base oils, together with particular chlorine-free EP additives and anti-oxidant additives providing significantly extended oil change intervals and considerable reduction of operating temperatures. This lubricant is particularly stable towards hydrolysis and provides very good compatibility with the most commonly used elastomers.


ATOIL LS are synthetic-based lubricating oils for transmissions, specially developed to meet the lubrication needs of limited-slip or self-locking differentials (axles). ATOIL LS guarantees safe and reliable use in an extreme temperature range. The formulation in fact guarantees perfect lubrication and protection of the mechanical parts at both high and low temperatures. The use of special high-performance additives allows it to be used on gears subjected to even the heaviest stresses and loads. Its innovative formulation is synonymous with safety regarding the development of wear, pitting, corrosion and deposits.


ALGOL EP is a gear and differential gear lubricant, formulated on high-quality paraffin basis and special anti-wear and anti-seizing additives, which assure strong lubricating film protecting gears and differentials from wear and seizure. Excellent viscosity/temperature ratio assures optimal fluidity of the oil, both at low and high working temperatures. ALGOL EP protects surfaces from rust, caused by the presence of water and humidity, and due to its excellent chemical stability provides long-term oil change interval.


Agromac SAE 10W/40 is a special oil formulated for the universal lubrication of tractors and agricultural machinery. This product is suitable for all-season lubrication of engines, gearboxes, transmissions, and hydraulic systems.