The importance of grease in production processes is evident to almost every company with a manufacturing operation.

At NILS s.p.a., we have been studying its use for many years: from greases exposed to extreme temperatures, to greases suitable for heavy loads ("extreme pressure"), water-repellent greases, biodegradable greases, greases for the food industry, etc

Like lubricating oil, grease is a vehicle of information on the system's efficiency and degree of wear. Residues of metal particles together with their shapes and sizes can signal wear and allow us to intervene effectively before possible breakdown and subsequent damages, variations of consistency can indicate pressures that are excessive for the type of grease in use, and the presence of water or solid pollutants in the lubricant can indicate conditions of use for which more frequent lubrication is required.

This and other information can be provided by our laboratory through the screening of a sample of lubricating grease and can be useful for implementing corrections or prompting timely maintenance.

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