Transformers play an important role in the production chain of companies whose electrical voltage must be managed according to their needs.

A failure in these systems would have serious consequences, as the power supply needed for production would likely fail.

The function of the transformer's internal oil is to electrically insulate and cool the system. As it is exposed to very high local temperatures, it is essential to check its condition with appropriate analyses.

It is possible to check oil and transformer conditions using standard viscosity tests, acidity and water content analysis, as well as more specific tests for insulating capacity (e.g. dielectric strength), the presence of corrosive sulfur, or paper degradation by checking for furans. The analysis of gases dissolved in the lubricant, which are taken using special syringes, allows us to check for malfunctions and trace their causes.

For older transformers, it is often necessary to check PCBs, which are hazardous to health and the environment, in order to comply with legal requirements.

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