BIOLITH EP 1 is a high-performance biodegradable grease, based on synthetic ester fluid and special Lithium thickener soap. BIOLITH EP 1 is suitable for roller and sliding bearings lubrication as well as other applications working on normal or lightly elevated working temperatures. This product is particularly suitable for total loss lubrication where lubricant grease may cause water and soil pollution.


DUO SYNT S is a completely synthetic lubricant specially developed and formulated for the most advanced 2-stroke engines. Thanks to perfect combustion, DUO SYNT S ensures peak performance in terms of acceleration and engine response preventing at the same time the formation of the carbonaceous deposits, which could restrict the rings, clog the exhaust port and affect combustion chamber shape and its cleanness. DUO SYNT S ensures perfect lubrication and engine cleanness, reducing almost to zero unburned residuals in the combustion chamber, on the pistons, rings, candles, and in the exhausting system. DUO SYNT S provides perfect and instant oil dilution in standard and racing gasoline, even at particularly low temperatures, giving to the mixture typically blue color. DUO SYNT S reduces significantly smoke and particulate decreasing the risk of harm to the environment and human health.


SINUS is high-performance bio-degradable grease, based on synthetic bio-degradable fluid and other bio-degradable components. SINUS provides excellent lubricant features, mechanical stability, and outstanding adhesiveness on lubricated surfaces. Very good water resistance and particular additive package, assure this product excellent anti-corrosion characteristics as well as very good protection against rust.


NYLSET BLU is an extremely concentrated liquid detergent formulated for the most advanced efficiency of cleaning and security of use even in the most difficult working conditions. NYLSET BLU is therefore specific for use in extreme conditions where is not possible to obtain satisfactory results with other valid products. Powerful formulation permits even to remove tar and asphalt film. If used in correct concentration this product absolutely does not damage painted parts, on the contrary, these parts will be renewed. NYLSET BLU has to be used with caution on light alloys, where is recommended to test first the product on parts that are not in sight. NYLSET BLU is not a flammable product and has to be always diluted in water following to recommended ratio. NYLSET BLU does not leave residuals on treated surfaces and is biodegradable over 90%.


MOTO CLEANER is formulated with a new concept of detergency that considers the safety of use as well as the effectiveness in excellent cleaning. MOTO CLEANER is a safe product in every situation of use, provided it is diluted as prescribed (see below). It is safe because it does not alter painted, lacquered, and glazed surfaces, light alloys, plastic materials, not even the most sensitive ones such as plexiglass or polycarbonate. MOTO CLEANER is also safe for operators who use it. Accidental contact of their body with the product does not cause any particular irritant or allergic reactions. It is safe because it is not flammable and leaves no traces or residues; no rinsing is required. MOTO CLEANER is biodegradable for over 90% and complies with the H.A.C.C.P. (food sector).


KESOIL BIOSYNT is a biodegradable chain lubricant based on particularly formulated and developed synthetic base oil and special additives in order to provide maximum respect for the environment and excellent lubricating properties. Its particular formulation based on synthetic base oil is making this product particularly suitable for use at low working temperatures and preventing the formation of incrustations on lubricated parts. Exceptional adhesiveness provides outstanding chain protection and lubrication assuring in this way considerably prolonged average chain life expectancy.


ECTA is a special lubricant grease-based exclusively on biodegradable components with no risk for the environment. ECTA provides very good lubricant performance, good mechanical stability, and outstanding adhesiveness on lubricated surfaces. Very good water resistance, as well as appropriate additives, are granting by this product very good anti-corrosion and anti-rust behavior.


COMPRESS R BIO is synthetic ester-based biodegradable lubricant oil, specially formulated for rotatory (both screw and vane) compressors lubrication. Particularly suitable for use in areas, which have to be protected from eventual environmental pollution. In some cases can also be used with piston compressors.


BIOSTAR G is bio-degradable high-performance lubricant grease based on ester base oil, special Calcium thickener, EP additives, and Graphite.


BIOLITH EP is high-performance bio-degradable grease for central lubricating systems, based on synthetic ester bio-degradable fluid and special lithium thickener soap.