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From the beginning, we have offered a range of innovative services with a view to meeting the manifold requirements of our customers.
As is well known, dirt, resins, varnishes, and moisture can contaminate oil, lead to oxidation, increase wear and consumption as well as cause damage to machinery.
We use predictive diagnostics to check the state of “health” of your oil and, whenever possible, we combine this with off-line filtration.

This system makes use of a device which works autonomously from the circuit of the machine. It is fitted with easily disposable cellulose filters that ensure an absolute filtration equal to 3 microns.
We sell and rent various types of equipment that are suitable for various types of installations, including modern ones.
Filtration helps reduce the number of oil replacements, cut costs, and respect the environment.
These tools are available for sale or for rent. In addition, NILS offers you the possibility to have the filtration performed by qualified and expert personnel.